Welcome, Nailor!

Today, Nailor is a brand trusted by professional nail technicians and their clients for its safety, high-quality and ease of use. It all started with creating a Nailor Expert team which consisted of nail industry professionals with over 12 years of experience and a bunch of insights. They've decided to survey over 2500 nail technicians worldwide in order to find out the key requirements for the product. 


The results led the team to a very simple yet professional approach: we created products that are safe and easy to use for both newbies and experienced nail techs and introduced a creative concept that unites the artistic community worldwide. 

Each of Nailor's 80 attentively picked shades is named after a great artist and the colour is inspired by one of their masterpieces. This is because, at Nailor, we believe that every great nail technician is an artist too. Find your inspiration with Nailor and paint like a pro. 

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